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10+ Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Preschooler

I am a summer girl 100%.  If I had my way, I WOULD NOT live anywhere that experienced winter.  I mean 60 degrees should be the absolute lowest temperature, EVER.  I lived in Cancun for about 3 years and I what I wouldn’t give to get back to that tropical weather.  

Even though I despise winter in Michigan, I must admit that fall isn’t a total loss–I enjoy the many cider mills (and especially the donuts), the color-changing leaves, and…that might be it.  

But since I have to endure the fall, I should at least come up with a few REALLY fun activities to do with preschoolers during this time of the year. You’ll find that many of these activities include natural materials. There are many opportunities during the fall to incorporate elements of the natural and physical world into your preschooler’s learning experiences.

Here are ten of my favorite fall activities.

Collecting Acorns
Learning Goals:  Learning about the Natural World
Head outside and collect acorns or other nature artifacts with your child.  You can even talk about the life cycle of plants. 

Making a Nature Collage
Learning Goals:  Learning about the Natural World, Creative Arts
Collect all kinds of nature artifacts and use them to create a collage.  It can be a name collage, a shape collage, or just a free-style collage.  

Making Apple Prints
Learning Goals:  Creative Arts
Cut apples in halves and quarters and create prints with paint and stamp pads.

Planting Apple Seeds
Learning Goals:  Learning about the Natural World, Understanding Charts and Graphs
Harvest apple seeds and plant them in transparent cups.  Chart the progress from planting to seedling.  

Exploring a Pumpkin
Learning Goals:  Science Exploration, Sensory Experiences
Cut open a pumpkin and allow your child to explore.  What does it feel like? What does it smell like?

Baking Pumpkin Seeds
Learning Goals:  Understanding the Natural World, Sensory Experiences
Save the pumpkin seeds from the exploration activity.  Wash, season, and bake them for a fall treat.  You can make them sweet or salty.  

Making Fall-Scented Playdough
Learning Goals:  Sensory Experiences
Use your favorite home-made playdough recipe and add cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or nutmeg to add a fragrance to the playdough.  You can even add fall-scented essential oils to enhance the fragrance even more.  

Decorating Fallen Branches
Learning Goals:  Understanding the Natural World, Creative Arts
If you have fallen branches that resemble a mini-tree, you can collect these to decorate.  Allow your child to use his/her imagination when decorating.  You can suggest painting the tree or decorating with yellow, red and brown tissues paper.  

Making a Leaf Crown
Learning Goals:  Fine Motor Skills, Pretend play
Collect fallen leaves and glue them together to make a crown.  What pretend play scenario can your child engage in with the crown?

Baking Together
Learning Goals:  Measuring, Classifying
Encourage your child to help you in the kitchen. He/she can learn to measure, follow a recipe, or mix ingredients.  

Here are five other really cool activities I came across on the internet.

Fall Leaves Art by Pre-K Pages

Pumpkin Drop Fine Motor Activity by Stay at Home Educator

Painting with Nature Process Art by Kids Crafts Room 

Fall Slime by Natural  Beach Living

Sticky Fall Trees by How Wee Learn

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