Back to the Basics: Prepping for School Success

Wow! I thought January of 2022 would look so much different…BUT it doesn’t. And more than ever there is a need to prepare your child for kindergarten (or even first grade) at home.

Now, remember, you have most of what you need to start your child on the path to school success at your disposal. And if you need just a little bit of help, I’ve got something perfect for you.

I have created the Ultimate Kindergarten Readiness Starter Kit for parents just like you! It’s free and it is FULL of activities you can use to begin preparing your child for his/her first day of school.

Most of the materials needed can be found in your home already and each activity can be tweaked to meet your child’s needs. And most importantly, none of the activities take more than 20 minutes to complete.

Here’s a little bit of what is covered in the starter kit…

  1. Letter identification
  2. Understanding letter sounds
  3. Name writing
  4. Counting objects

You can get your own copy by filling out the short form below. I can’t wait to see how the Starter Kit eases the stress of kindergarten prep!